This lovely journey started with our dear friend looking for a suitable diamond for his proposal. Conflicted with the options at the given point about ethics and morals of blood and mined diamonds, we dug deeper into the conflict free certification and the deeper we dug, the less certain we were about the diamond's source and credibility. We started thinking deep, looking for alternatives to mined diamonds without compromising on the quality and brilliance and diamond simulants were definitely not the answer since they were not real diamonds.









On a very fine day, we stumbled across the perfect substitute, cultured diamonds grown in highly controlled laboratory environments and we never looked back since. With this, we decided to bring to like minded individuals like us who wanted to cement our love without compromising on ethics and the ecosystem. With The Better Diamond, you get fully certified cultured diamonds with an ease of mind where your love should not come at a hefty price on your pocket and also on the people and the environment.  


Marcus Wong

Director ,  Co-founder

B.Sc (Pharm.) (Hons.), National University of Singapore, University of British Columbia.

Serial Entrepreneur and avid Guitarist.


Clarrisa Neo

Chief Operating Officer ,  Co-founder

B.Sc (Life Science) (Hons), minor (BBA) , National University of Singapore, Korea University.

Biotech enthusiast and compulsive Golfer.