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At The Better Diamond, we aim not only to educate customers on a more sustainable alternative to diamonds but also to encourage the habit to give back to the environment. For each purchase of our lab grown diamonds, our customers get to pick which of the below charity organizations they have the most connection with and we will donate part of the proceeds to the charity organization under their name.

Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement. Through these highly effective partnerships, they can ensure sustainable results necessary for the long-term protection of tropical ecosystems and the wildlife they hold. Their unique, cost-effective conservation model for protecting endangered species has been implemented successfully for over 30 years.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the expertise of their partners and the participation of local communities across the tropics, their reserves are exemplary models of international conservation.

Earthworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development while promoting sustainable solutions. Earthworks stands for clean air, water and land, healthy communities, and corporate accountability. They work for solutions that protect both the Earth’s resources and our communities.

They fulfill their mission by working with communities and grassroots groups to reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption. They expose the health, environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts of mining and energy extraction through work informed by sound science.

Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not always better when it comes to the Table Percentage. Having a table percentage that is too small, or even too large, will compromise how brilliant the diamond looks. This is calculated by having the size of the table, divided by the diameter of the diamond as a percentage. There are many differing ranges of percentages online for what constitutes an ideal table percentage. But a table percentage somewhere in the range of 54-57% for a round diamond cut grade would be considered ideal.

Oceana is a non-profit organisation that seeks to make our oceans more biodiverse and abundant by winning policy victories in the countries that govern much of the world's marine life.

Oceana, founded in 2001, is the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Their offices around the world work together to win strategic, directed campaigns that achieve measurable outcomes that will help make our oceans more bio diverse and abundant. Oceana was created to identify practical solutions and make them happen. The good news is that we can restore the oceans to their former glory. Oceana is Campaign driven, fact-based, multi-disciplinary and experts at what they do.

Join us on our journey to revolutionize the diamond industry as we transition the diamond industry from one that is taking from nature to one that is giving.