• LG314899979
  • Round
  • 0.7
  • G
  • SI1
  • Super Ideal

Diamond Details

This Diamond is a Premium Lab Grown Diamond, Certified by IGI.
  • LG314899979
  • G
  • IGI
  • 62%
  • 5.68 - 5.71 x 3.53 mm
  • $ 1899
  • $ 1861
  • $ 4010
  • Super Ideal
  • SI1
  • 5.68 - 5.71 x 3.53 mm
  • 59%
  • NONE
  • 03.03.2020


Lab-grown diamonds are by definition, Real Diamonds. They are optically, chemically and structurally identical to their earth-mined counterparts. In fact, due to the lack of nitrogen impurities, the diamonds produced in our labs are mostly classified as Type IIa diamonds – the purest and most ideal form of diamond, of which only about 2% of mined diamonds are classified under.

Every diamond sold by The Better Diamond is certified by independent, trusted and renounced grading institutes such as GIA, IGI or GCAL to confirm the diamond’s quality, composition and origin. Thereafter, a permanent laser mark is inscribed into the girdle of the diamond, marking it forever with a stamp of excellence.

Our lab grown diamonds require no mining, making them more sustainable, ethical and socially responsible.

Diamond Size

A diamond’s weight is measured in carats. Each carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams.
In general, the higher the carat weight, the larger the diamond will be.

0.7 CT

Diamond Cut

A diamond’s cut is an attribute passed on by the master craftsman. A better cut allows light to be efficiently reflected and refracted off the diamond, making a smaller diamond appear larger and brighter


Cut to the most exacting standards. These diamonds have the most desirable dimensions and are proportioned to return the maximum possible light. Round diamonds will show a "hearts and arrows" facet pattern.

Diamond Color

Impurities present would cause the diamond to have a yellowish tint.
A pure diamond will thus be colourless.


Near-colorless. Color noticeable when compared to diamonds of better grades, but offers excellent value.

Diamond Clarity

A diamond’s clarity describes the blemishes in a diamond.
A diamond of a higher clarity would have little to no inclusions.


Slightly included 1. Inclusions are visible under 10x magnification, but may not be very visible with unaided eye.

Shipping Details

our orders are locally fulfilled. Diamonds will ship out after careful inspection and packing.
Deliveries are insured. We use UPS Secure, Tracked and Expedited shipping
to ensure your purchase get to you safe, intact and fast.

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