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All pieces at The Better Diamond are made with love and care. While we extend professional servicing for our jewellery, the following guide will help maintain the integrity of your keepsakes for a lifetime.

We recommend removing your pieces when engaging in the following practices:

Strenuous activities like working out or moving heavy objects. The pieces should be protected from hard blows and potential scratching to avoid your stones from falling out.

Coming into contact with harsh chemicals. Cleaning solutions and certain shampoos and body washes might contain harsh chemicals that can be damaging to your metal and stone. Some ingredients in lotions and perfumes might also cause discolourations over a period of time. Additionally, lotions and other cosmetics may attract more dust around prongs. This might affect the way the stones look and make them a little harder to clean over time.

Swimming. Chlorine is hard on metals and being in water shrinks our fingers, causing rings to slip off.

All other general activities such as cooking, baking, doing dishes, gardening, painting, throwing ceramics or any other activities that involve working with our hands.

We recommend investing in a soft bristle toothbrush just to clean your jewellery. Depending on the frequency you wear your piece, every few weeks to months, add mild soap into a small bowl of water. Soak your jewellery for 5-10 minutes and lightly brush over your setting and rinse carefully. This should remove any significant dirt on your piece. If you notice any scratches that requires re-polishing, please reach out to your designated consultant or email a picture to

You should conduct an occasional prong check for your pieces. Ensure they are not deformed (do they look shorter than usual, are they uneven) and hold it up to your ear and give it a shake. If you hear any loose rattles, that would mean you need to get it tightened.

Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place in a soft lined box or pouch. It is best to store the pieces individually so they do not rub together.

In addition to the practices listed above, The Better Diamond sends out an annual mailer to all past and current clients (generally towards the year end holiday season) to send in their pieces for complimentary cleaning and inspection of loose stones if you are based in Singapore. We believe that jewellery should be worn and enjoyed on a frequent basis and last beyond a lifetime to be passed from generations. This service is to ensure your stones are beautiful, safe and secure in their settings. If you are based overseas, please email us for recommendations in your area.