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Diamond Ideal Proportion Table

The “Cut” grade of a diamond may be important, but it is also important to understand what makes a diamond’s cut “Ideal” or “Excellent”. There are several factors to take into consideration when examining a diamond’s cut proportions, as well as how these factors interact with one another.

fancy coloured lab grown diamond: what makes them colourful?

When it comes to grading a diamond’s colour, we are quite familiar with the D to Z scale with D being colourless and Z being intensely coloured, usually yellow. And of course, the better the colour grade (D), the more expensive it is. However, .....

Lab Grown Diamonds: Are they as ethical as they claim to be?

When it comes to the topic of diamonds, there are usually 2 distinct groups of conversation. The first is focused on the aesthetic aspect of it - how beautiful it looks and the 4Cs. With the second being its ethical and environmental impact.

Insights: Do I need to see a Diamond in person to know if it is good?

A guide to buying diamond jewellery virtually, and never going wrong.

Insights: HPHT vs CVD Diamonds

HPHT vs CVD - What do they mean, and which is better?

Best metal for your Lab Grown Diamond ring

Choosing metal for your engagement rings and wedding bands.

Diamond Characteristics — Polish, Symmetry and Fluorescence

How do they affect your diamond's shine?

empowerment and the better crown

We sit down with Nandita Banna (Miss Universe Singapore 2021) and Valerie Lim (Miss Universe Singapore 2011 and current National Director of Miss Universe Singapore) to talk about what they think sustainability and empowerment means for the modern woman.

3 Reasons why you should buy Lab Grown Diamonds

Three reasons why you should buy lab grown diamonds not just for your engagement ring but for any other piece of jewellery you'll wear daily.


Lab grown diamonds have been making the headlines in recent years for all the right reasons - they are indeed real diamonds with lesser negative impact on the environment, humanity, and your wallet. In order to define what a real diamond is, let us...

Can jewellery be resized? How does it work?

Resizing works can be done for a ring made in silver, gold or platinum and the process may take up to 1 or 2 weeks depending on the intricacy of the design.

Low Profile vs High Profile Settings - which is The Better Choice for you?

Congratulations, you have reached the final stage and have chosen your perfect ring! But you decide that you do not want the fun to end yet, so you find one last thing to obsess over - “Should I get a low or a high setting?”

How are rough diamonds cut and polished?

Have you ever wondered how diamond roughs are cut and polished?

IGI vs GIA vs AGS Diamond Certification - Which is Best for Lab Grown Diamonds?

Have you ever wondered how diamond roughs are cut and polished?


Lab grown diamonds and diamond simulants are often wrongfully lumped together as the same thing. A bit like how you might say that sugar and salt are the same thing. They might look similar, but they still have their visual differences, and definitely are not made of the same thing. So what are lab grown diamonds, what are diamond simulants, and what are the differences between them?