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Congratulations, you have reached the final stage and have chosen your perfect ring! But you decide that you do not want the fun to end yet, so you find one last thing to obsess over - “Should I get a low or a high setting?”

Simply put, a low profile setting is one where the diamond sits very close to the bottom of the ring, basically about to touch your finger. Whereas a high profile setting has your diamond propped up and suspended mid-air above your finger. These 2 profiles can work for almost all setting designs, so which one should you choose? If you are at your wits end and need someone to make the call for you, speak to any one of our consultants and we guarantee you The Better Experience.

Low Profile Setting

What does this ring setting say about you? You are likely someone who appreciates practicality over opulence. If you are someone who does quite a bit of work with your hands and do not want the hassle of constantly taking your ring off, a low profile setting would be the better choice for you. It could also mean that you prefer to keep to yourself and not have your ring to be a conversation starter. A low setting provides a classy and understated look which creates the perfect daily wear engagement ring

  • Practical for an active lifestyle
  • Less prone to scratches and impact
  • More stable and does not rotate on your finger
  • Does not attract any unnecessary attention
  • Does not attract any unnecessary attention
  • Not ideal for smaller diamonds as it can look too small
  • Slightly less sparkle
  • Main diamond looks smaller
  • Harder to stack a wedding band or other rings with
High Profile Setting

This is for the more extravagant rings which you might prefer to keep in the safe or to wear for special occasions, or if your day to day life involves little work with the hands and you’re of a more careful nature - both with regards to not hitting your ring on a hard object, and to not losing track of where you last took it off. If you are someone who likes to shine in social situations, having a high setting will certainly help with that. Of course, sometimes a high profile setting does not have to be propped up too much, just high enough for you to slip on a wedding band flush against the engagement ring.

  • Makes the main stone appear larger
  • More light can reach your stone, creating more brilliance
  • Looks very luxe
  • Easier to stack a wedding band or other rings with
  • Highly prone to knocks and scratches
  • A high enough setting with a heavy stone can cause the ring to rotate on your finger
  • Can look over the top if not done right

With all that said and done, we understand that it is not always possible to get the lady’s input on her ring design, especially if it is a surprise. Which is why at The Better Diamond, we offer the option to recraft your ring for just a small fee so that your partner can have the engagement ring she has always dreamed of.